Our Commitment


Ouray Silver Mines, as a stakeholder and dedicated member of our community, is committed to acting with consideration for the best interests of our employees, the local community and the environment in every decision we make.  We will endeavor at all times to maintain open, friendly relations with local community members, a safe, values-driven working environment for our employees, and to seek to protect the natural environment in which we operate.



• Significant demonstrable safety culture 

• Seven quarters without an MSHA citation

Environmental Compliance


• Improvements focused on water management and tailings 

• Permitting and Construction of two stage passive water treatment system 

• Permit Modification to expand to 5 stage passive water treatment system (2018-2019) 

• Permitted to sell tailings mixed with waste rock as road base



● Logo Contests (Zero Harm & Corporate) 

● CR 361 Advisory Committee – Senator Gulch Parking Area 

● High School Internships 

● San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference

Environmental Group Engagement


● TU (SEP project manager/recipient) and UWP (Technical Advisory) partnership on Atlas Mill Tailings 

● UWP partnership on Governor Basin Evaluation and Proposed Mitigation 

● San Juan Wilderness Act  

● Ouray Historical Society – Kiosk, Silver Shield Mill